BLACK RISING is a novel by Author Kevin Barron about an organization called THE BLACK LIBERATION ORGANIZATION; created by former Army General James Jackson. The BLO is a  network of Black organizations covertly collaborating to gain power in America. Its military wing has set out to enforce their own version of justice against those individuals and organizations who have gotten away with injustices against Black people. In the midst of their mission operatives MARCUS Brooks, ZARIDA Johnson, and LISA Banks are entangled in a romantic conflict that could jeopardize their relationships and the mission. All the while the network and its operatives are being pursued by a persistent NYPD detective by the name of Lt. Hacker and other law enforcement officials.



A collection of images of celebrities by KEVIN BARRON PHOTOGRAPHY


A collection of photographs by KEVIN BARRON PHOTOGRAPHY emphasizing the diversity of people that live in New York City.